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Keeping Your Guac Green

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Because when your guacamole isn’t green, it is no longer guacamole.

How to Save Guacamole

Guacamole can start to turn brown soon after it has been made. To save guacamole like an expert, pour a thin layer or milk or water over it, cover the dish with plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge. If the guacamole just needs to be preserved for a short time, add a squeeze of lime and put it in the fridge.

These are great tricks in case your guests are late or if you will be in a hurry to watch the big game. Don’t forget to dump the liquid when you are ready to enjoy your guacamole. As always, pick ripe avocados for your guacamole.

Video Transcript:

Here’s an easy trick to keep your guacamole green. Just pour a thin layer of milk or water over it. And then, when you’re ready to eat it, dump the liquid and enjoy.

Avocados from Mexico.

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