The guacamole purist might snub their nose at putting anything other than lime juice, salt and pepper, and garlic in their guacamole dip. After all, if it ain't broke, why fix it? While there’s nothing wrong with the tried and true guacamole, it also doesn’t hurt to mix things up now and then to add to the already delicious flavor.

Inspired by mixology, the art of mixing and creating new cocktails, guacatology is the art of mixing new and exciting ingredients with avocados to make truly unique guacamole recipes. Here are some guac-tails sure to make any dipping
bowl empty in no time.

Guac on

the Rocks

This is such a simple change that even the staunchest guacamole purist can get on board with it. Instead of regular creamy guacamole, grab an extra avocado and dice it into medium cubes. Mix the “rocks” into your guacamole and enjoy the occasional hearty bite with your dip.

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