10 Things You Didn’t Know About Avocados From Mexico

You love avocados, but how much do you know about them? Here are 10 facts you can use to impress any avocado lover who joins you at the dinner table.

1. Avocados are the only fruit that can stay fully mature on the tree indefinitely! While avocados only get soft and edible after they are picked, they can grow to maturity and stay on the tree for weeks or even months. This is why you can enjoy fresh Avocados From Mexico any time of the year!

2. The avocado as we know it is thought to have first been domesticated in south-central Mexico, where approximately 70 percent of non-grain vegetables also originated. Mexico still produces the greatest number of avocados in the world.

3. Avocados are easier to choose, use, and store than you might think. A simple touch testcan tell you whether the avocado you want to buy is ripe and ready to eat, if the avocado slightly yields to gentle pressure then it is ready for you! Our series of how-to videos can teach you everything from how to slice and dice the fruit to how to store it for longevity.

4. Ever wondered what a serving size of an avocado is? We can tell you! It’s one-third of a medium-size avocado. (We won’t tell anyone if you eat more, though).

5. Healthy avocados also contain 254 mg of potassium (6% DV) per 50g serving (about one-third of a medium avocado) which is notable because a diet rich in potassium helps to offset some of the harmful effects of sodium on blood pressure. And because potassium is an electrolyte, avocados are also helpful for those of us that like to work out and need to replace the electrolytes we lose while sweating. Plus, potassium also helps to build muscle, break down and use carbohydrates.

6. Avocados aren’t just fruits, they are technically single-seed berries, and avocado trees produce a crop every year — one year large, the next year small.

7. Avocados only survived because of humans. The fruit has existed in one form or another for millions of years. As megafauna, the avocado relied on large herbivores that would eat the avocados whole, digest the flesh, and eliminate the whole seed somewhere far away, where a new tree would grow. After the extinction of these massive animals, and only birds and small creatures like squirrels knocking avocados off their trees, it was left to humans to cultivate the tree for our own uses.

8. Avocados From Mexico are 100 percent sodium, cholesterol, and trans-fat free.

9. Avocados From Mexico are nutrient-dense foods. This means that while avocados have a calorie count that may seem high, they actually have nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, including 11 percent of your daily recommended fiber and 10 percent each of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin K and folate.

10. Avocados can play a role at any meal — even dessert! From flourless avocado pancakes at breakfast (yes, really!) to a Mexican Buddha bowl at lunch and avocado turkey pizza for dinner, make sure you buy plenty of the great green fruit because it’s good at any time of the day. And as for those desserts, check out some of our favorite sweet avocado recipes.

By Avocados From Mexico November 11, 2017

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