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Think the humble avocado is relegated to delicious guacamole? With hundreds of recipes for morning, noon, night — and all hours in between — the avocado is about to take a place of prominence in your recipes, your kitchen, your life.

Customize your avocado meal plan here. Season it to your taste. Make it your own. Include avocados wherever it makes your mouth water. No two people are alike, so your meals can be just as unique as you are.

Why add avocados to your avocado meal plan?

Choose avocados to help with your wellness goals. Avocados contain good fats, which help keep you fuller longer, and they help with your nutrient absorption - meaning each meal works a little harder for your body!


Tap into a wealth of avocado goodness. For starters, you’ll get a downloadable avocado meal plan to kick-start your new avo life that includes all the nutritiousness and tastiness of avocados. Right at your fingertips; handy when you’re grocery shopping.

Bookmark this page for those times when you mutter, “What should I fix for dinner tonight?” or scratch your head saying, “Ho hum, it’s time to whip up something new.”


Avocado Meal Plan

A healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet—and avocados can be a part of it. AvoLifestyle and Avocados from Mexico bring to you a revolutionary platform for you to reach the “ABC’s” of Optimal Nutrition.

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