Avocados and

Make avocados the MVP of your heart-healthy diet. Virtually the only fresh fruit with good fats, healthy avocados can play a dual role in the diet to help people meet fruit and good fat recommendations. The truth is, though the body needs fat in order to function properly, not all fat is created equal.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend substituting good fats in place of bad, which can help the body absorb vitamins A, D, K and E without raising cholesterol.

If your heart isn’t sold on the avocado just yet, these facts might help:

  • Avocados are reach in dietary fiber, which can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.
  • Avocados are cholesterol- and sodium-free.
  • One-third of an avocados contains 5g of monounsaturated fat and 1g of polyunsaturated fat, which can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Eating avocados can help consumers meet the healthy diet goals of the American Heart Association.

That’s four birds
with one avocado 

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